Module Monitor_sig.Monitor.Tag

module Tag: sig .. end
A module that allows to create tags and mark values. It calculates tags' cardinal and size in memory.

type t 
The abstract type for a tag.
val create : ?size:bool ->
?count:bool ->
?fct_size:(WeakHash.t -> Int64.t) ->
?period:int -> string -> t
create s creates a tag called s.
size : Chooses whether the tag will handle the size of its values
count : Chooses whether the tag will handle the number of its values
fct_size : Puts your own function to calculate the size
period : Sets the period to which the size and/or the count will be calculated (in milliseconds). Default is 100ms.
val kill : t -> unit
kill t kills a tag t. This means that this tag won't be monitored anymore. This may improve considerably the program's speed.
val set_period : t -> int -> unit
set_period t p changes the period to which the operations on the tag t are made.
val mark : t -> 'a -> 'a
mark t v marks any value v of type 'a with the tag t. One tag can mark many values. One value can be marked by many tags. A tag may contain any value of any type.