Module Timemap

module Timemap: sig .. end
A small module to store datas in an array and retrieve them with a logarithmic complexity.

type 'a t 
val create : ?size:int -> 'a -> 'a t
create d creates a timemap with the data d.
size : The size of the timemap at its creation
val add : 'a t -> float -> 'a -> unit
add tm f d adds a floating-point f and a 'a d to the timemap tm.
val find : 'a t -> float -> float * 'a
find tm t returns the most recent pair (t',v') in tm with t' smaller or equal than t; raises Not_found if tm contains no element or if the first element of tm is younger than t.
val remove_before : 'a t -> float -> unit
remove_before tm t removes all entries younger or equal to t in tm.
val get_min : unit -> float
get_min () returns the index of the minimum 'a in the timemap.